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Lego DREAMZzz Mrs. Castillo's Turtle Van

Lego DREAMZzz Mrs. Castillo's Turtle Van

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Unleash creativity with Lego DREAMZzz Mrs. Castillo's Turtle Van!

Kids ages 7 and up can explore a world of imaginative play with 195 pieces to build a magical turtle van with details like a removable roof, moving tree, spinning cactus, and opening treasure chest. Plus, add on a rocket and periscope to simulate a flying submarine, and a flying Cat Cactus for extra fun. Get creative today!


  • Journey into the dream world – Kids can enjoy building a vehicle from the dream world with the LEGO DREAMZzz Mrs. Castillo’s Turtle Van (71456) building set
  • 2 ways to build – Kids can enjoy building the toy van in party mode or flying submarine mode
  • Party mode – Kids can choose to accessorize the van with a moving tree, a spinning cactus and an opening treasure chest
  • Flying submarine mode – Kids can choose to accessorize the van with a rocket, a moving periscope and Cat Cactus, who flies alongside it
  • Minifigures – The set includes detailed minifigures of Mrs Castillo, Mateo and Zoey, who can be seated inside the van
  • Solo or group play – The set is designed for kids aged 7 and up, who can spend hours of fun playing on their own or with friends
  • Dimensions – In its largest form, the model measures over 7 in. (18 cm) high, 7.5 in. (19 cm) long and 5.5 in. (15 cm) wide
  • A helping hand – The set features story-led building instructions, which are also available digitally in the LEGO Builder app
  • Premium quality – LEGO bricks are designed to connect consistently every time
  • Safety first – LEGO bricks have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet stringent safety requirements

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