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LEGO City People pack Fun at the beach 60153

LEGO City People pack Fun at the beach 60153

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Grow your LEGO® City population with this people pack, featuring a wide range of minifigures and endless possibilities for activities, with windsurfing and kayaking, volleyball net with ball, trees with hammock and an ice cream stand. Includes 15 minifigures plus dog, fish, dolphin and lobster figures.

Includes 15 male and female adult and child minifigures, plus dog, dolphin, lobster and fish figures.Features a range of buildable models for a colorful beach setting.Hop on the surfboard, put up the sail and take a fast ride on the waves.Paddle the kayak out into the water and have a nice float along the coast.The kayak floats!Get some ice cream at the ice cream stand, and then relax in the hammock with your mp3 player.Build a sand castle on the beach.Accessory elements include a kayak with paddle, beach lifeguard tower, megaphone, binoculars, volleyball net and ball, hammock, 2 trees, mp3 player, ice cream stand with ice cream and extra cone, money note, parasol, camera, sand castle, shovel, bucket, bin, broom, banana, gold-colored coin element, metal detector and a radio.

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