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KINN Eco Friendly Kitchen Cleaner Sweet Orange

KINN Eco Friendly Kitchen Cleaner Sweet Orange

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KINN eco-friendly kitchen spray is safe to use on all surfaces, but if you spray it on wood that's been painted we recommend you test patch it first

KINN eco kitchen cleaner comes in two beautiful scents, sweet orange or lavender and rosemary. KINN Living chose these essential oils for their natural antibacterial properties. KINN don't like synthetic fragrances, so we use only pure essential oils. KINN eco kitchen cleaner is free from petrochemicals, phosphates, enzymes, synthetic fragrance and animal by-product, harsh chemicals, dye, and is not tested on animals. KINN Living makes all products in the UK.


Just spray our eco kitchen cleaner onto your chosen surface, leave for a few seconds then wipe clean with a damp cloth, dry work top and enjoy the lovely aroma of a clean home using plant-based ingredients, organic essential oils and no harsh chemicals.



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