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JCB Heavy-Duty 300mm 12'' Adjustable Wrench JCB-ADJWR-300

JCB Heavy-Duty 300mm 12'' Adjustable Wrench JCB-ADJWR-300

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JCB Heavy-Duty 300mm 12" Adjustable Wrench is made from high-quality CR-V forged steel, this durable tool can handle a variety of tasks with ease.

Its adjustable design makes it a versatile choice for any job, making your work easier and more efficient.


Corrosion-Resistant Coating:

  • The wrench is equipped with a corrosion-resistant coating, providing added protection against rust and ensuring its longevity in various working conditions.

34mm Extra Wide Jaw Opening:

  • With a generous 34mm maximum jaw width, this wrench can accommodate a wide range of fasteners, allowing for versatile use in different projects.

Double-Sided Measuring Scale:

  • The wrench features a double-sided measuring scale, making it easy to gauge the size of the fastener you're working with. This handy feature helps save time and ensures precision in your tasks.


  • Material: CR-V Forged Steel
  • Max. Jaw Width: 34mm
  • Size: 300mm (12in.)
  • Product Type: Pliers and Wrenches




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