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JCB 18 Piece Jigsaw Universal T-Shank Fit Blade Kit JCB-PTA-JS18

JCB 18 Piece Jigsaw Universal T-Shank Fit Blade Kit JCB-PTA-JS18

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JCB 18 Piece Jigsaw Universal T-Shank Fit Blade Kit JCB-PTA-JS18.

This complete set provides all the blades you need for various cutting tasks, in a convenient and sturdy case. Get precise and efficient results every time with this high-quality kit.

Universal Fit T-Shank for Ultimate Compatibility:

  • Designed with a universal fit T-shank, these blades are compatible with the majority of branded jigsaws available in the market. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns and enjoy seamless blade installation for a hassle-free cutting experience.

Versatile Blade Set for Various Materials:

  • Our JCB 18-piece Jigsaw Blade Kit contains a versatile assortment of blades suitable for cutting through wood, metal, laminates, and plastics. With various teeth configurations at your disposal, you can achieve precise and efficient cuts on different materials with ease.

Crafted with High-Quality HCS and HSS Blades:

  • Craftsmanship matters, which is why our blades are meticulously crafted using high-quality HCS (High Carbon Steel) and HSS (High-Speed Steel) materials. This ensures durability, longevity, and exceptional performance for your cutting tasks.

Durable Case for Organised Storage:

  • Keep your blades organised and protected with the durable case included in this kit. No more rummaging through your toolbox to find the right blade – simply open the case and choose the perfect one for the job at hand.

Seamless Compatibility with JCB 18V Jigsaw:

  • Designed specifically for the JCB 18V jigsaw, these blades ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance with your JCB power tool. Experience enhanced cutting precision and efficiency when using these blades together with your JCB 18V jigsaw.


  • Fitting: T-shank
  • Product type: Saw blades




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