JBA Sharpes Express Seed Potatoes 2kg

JBA Sharpes Express Seed Potatoes 2kg


Eating TextureDry and Mealy Floury Scab Resistance RatingGood Scab Resistance Culinary UsesBoiling Chipping Roasting


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Sharpes Express seed potatoes are one of JBA's exclusive heritage potatoes. First added to the national potato variety list in 1901, Sharpes Express has been going strong ever since.

Sharpes Express tubers are long and oval-shaped with white skins and pale, lemon-coloured flesh. Their highly dry matter makes them a great potato in the kitchen with great all-around cooking use. These seed potatoes have a fine flavour and are best suited to boiling, roasting and chipping.

They have good resistance to common scabs.

First earlies are typically ready for harvesting around 13-15 weeks from planting.


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