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JBA Picasso Seed Potatoes 2kg

JBA Picasso Seed Potatoes 2kg

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Blight Resistance RatingGood Blight Resistance Eating TextureFloury Waxy Scab Resistance RatingGood Scab Resistance Culinary UsesBoiling Baking Chipping Roasting

Picasso seed potatoes produce tubers that are round-to-oval in shape, with smooth white skins and pink eyes. Picasso is now a popular variety for allotment growers due to its high disease resistance.

With Cara as one of its parents, Picasso has a great range of uses in the kitchen. A huge yielder and good storing variety.

Maincrop seed potatoes mature in 125-140 days and, if planted in late April, can be harvested by mid-August.

Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM).



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