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JBA Pentland Javelin Seed Potatoes 2kg

JBA Pentland Javelin Seed Potatoes 2kg

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Eating TextureWaxy Scab Resistance RatingGood Scab Resistance Slug Resistance RatingGood Slug Resistance Culinary UsesBoiling Chipping Salad

Pentland Javelin seed potatoes were bred by a young Jack Dunnett back in 1968 and have, for many years, been considered one of the finest first earlies that you can grow. Pentland Javelin produces heavy crops of short, oval, white-skinned tubers with pure white, tasty flesh.

These seed potatoes are great to simply throw into the pan and boil for salads.

Pentland Javelin has good all-around disease resistance to common scab and blackleg.

First earlies are typically ready for harvesting around 13-15 weeks from planting.



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