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JBA Pentland Dell Seed Potatoes 2kg

JBA Pentland Dell Seed Potatoes 2kg

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Blight Resistance RatingGood Blight Resistance

Eating TextureFloury Scab Resistance RatingGood Scab Resistance Culinary UsesBaking Chipping Roasting

Pentland Dell seed potatoes were the second variety to be produced from the Pentlandfield station. These seed potatoes produce large, oval-shaped tubers with white skins and creamy coloured flesh.

Pentland Dell is grown on a large scale, for processors who find it a most useful potato. This is helped in no small part by its strong resistance to all diseases and slugs. Most suited to baking, chipping and roasting.

Maincrop seed potatoes mature in 125-140 days and, if planted in late April, can be harvested by mid-August.



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