JBA Desiree Seed Potatoes 2kg

JBA Desiree Seed Potatoes 2kg


Eating TextureFloury Scab Resistance RatingGood Scab Resistance Slug Resistance RatingGood Slug Resistance Culinary UsesBoiling Mashing Baking Chipping Roasting


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Desiree seed potatoes produce oval, red-skinned tubers with pale yellow flesh. Medium dry matter, firm cooked texture, good boiling, fresh French Fry & mashing quality.

Desiree seed potatoes are a popular choice amongst many celebrity chefs including Delia Smith & Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, due to their potential to make fantastic roast potatoes.

Desiree is a heavy cropper and early bulking with high resistance to drought and good resistance to potato virus Y and powdery scab. Susceptible to potato cyst nematode and misshapes on heavy soils. Moderately susceptible to spraing & mild mosaic viruses.

Maincrop seed potatoes mature in 125-140 days and, if planted in late April, can be harvested by mid-August.


Barcode: 5035714000386


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