Imaverol Concentrate for Cutaneous Emulsion 100ml

Imaverol Concentrate for Cutaneous Emulsion 100ml


A synthetic anti-mycotic.

It is indicated for the treatment of dermatomycoses or ringworm in cattle, horses and dogs. Pale yellow, concentrated, oily liquid containing enilconazole 100mg/ml for topical use following dilution. Legal Category: POM-VPS.


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  • Species: Cattle, Dogs, Horses and other equidae.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Antimicrobials: Topical preparations: Skin, Pharmaceuticals: Antimicrobials: Antifungal products.
  • Active ingredient: Enilconazole.
  • Legal Category: POM-VPS.
  • Meat & Milk Withdrawal:
    • Cattle - Milk: Zero hours;
    • Cattle - Meat: Zero Hours;
    • Horses - Meat: Zero Days.
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Anthelmintic resistance statement: When considering veterinary medicines it is important to understand resistance. The following organisations provide helpful information:


Barcode: 3515652020001

MPN: AUD0015

Google ID: VM-SQP-AUD-IMA-01