IAE Cattle Crush Extension
IAE Cattle Crush Extension

IAE Cattle Crush Extension


It will fit the Crusader Plus and all main range crushes i.e Saracen and Chieftain bodies.

When a crush extension is fitted it will not be possible to use the rear foot-blocks of a foot trimming kit without removing the crush extension first.

RDPE CPSG compliant. For more information visit https://iae.co.uk/rdpe-cpsg2020grants/.

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  • Cattle crush extension extends the length of the crush.
  • Slide door stops the next animal in the race.
  • The slide door can slide from either direction due to the retractable sliding gear.
  • Creates a safe working area to the rear of the animal for the farmer or vet.
  • The bottom side door will also swing inwards, therefore, reducing the risk of getting kicked.
  • May need some self-assembly.
  • Approximately 214kg.

SKU: IA-F045202002

MPN: F045 2020 02

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