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Hyundai IC460X-25 457cc Horizontal Straight Shaft Petrol Replacement 4-Stroke Engine

Hyundai IC460X-25 457cc Horizontal Straight Shaft Petrol Replacement 4-Stroke Engine

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The Hyundai IC460X-25 is a robust 457cc petrol engine, perfect for heavy-duty tasks in construction and industrial settings.

With its versatility, it can also be used in tillers, welders, water pumps, pressure washers, and more. It is compatible with major brands and offers a cost-effective replacement option.

Multi-Purpose Petrol Engine
A direct replacement for any 15hp engine, the IC460X-25 is suitable for the majority of pressure washers up to approximately 5000psi and more.
With no messy oil and fuel to mix, 4-stroke engines have lower noise and vibration levels compared to their 2-stroke counterparts.

More Environmentally Friendly
4-stroke engines are also more environmentally friendly than 2-stroke engines, emitting lower emissions as they burn pure petrol rather than a mix of oil and petrol, as a lot of the oil within the mix is emitted as unburned vapour. Our Hyundai petrol replacement engines are all Euro V.
This powerful petrol engine boasts an enhanced combustion efficiency, lowering fuel consumption to save you money in the longer term. Featuring an extra-large 6.5L fuel tank, it means you won’t have to keep stopping your machine to top up the engine tank with fuel.

OHV Engine
OHV engines are tried and tested, having successfully been used in machines for many years, which is why we selected this design for our new range of Hyundai petrol replacement engines. They offer lower-cost running, a more compact size, and higher torque than other types of engines. Thanks to its easy recoil pull-starting system, this engine is so simple to get going, minimising any undue stress or strain to your hands, arms and shoulders. Featuring CDI ignition - a simple yet reliable starting system used in the majority of smaller engines - it ensures that the engine will start and run smoothly without any interruptions.

Hyundai Engine
Ideal for fitting to any machines that require 14hp and have a 25mm shaft, this engine is incredibly versatile for both commercial and home use. This powerful engine features a low oil level cut-out, which stops the engine when the oil level drops too low to protect the bearings from any detrimental damage.


  • Model - IC460X-25
  • Shaft Type - Horizontal Straight Shaft
  • Shaft Size (mm) - 25
  • Power (hp) - 15
  • Max Speed (rpm) - 3600
  • Engine Type - OHV
  • Displacement (cc) - 457
  • Bore x Stroke (mm) - 92 x 68.8
  • Start Method - Recoil
  • Fuel Capacity (L) - 6.5
  • Engine Oil Capacity (ml) - 1.1
  • Engine Oil - SAE30 / SAE15w40
  • Low Oil Sensor - Yes
  • Ignition System - CDI
  • Package Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) - 450 x 400 x 450
  • Net Weight (kg) - 32
  • Gross Weight (kg) - 36
  • Model EAN - 5059608222074
  • Warranty - 2 Year standard warranty, 1 Year commercial warranty* (Terms apply)

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