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Hyundai HY9000LEK-2 7kW Petrol Open Frame Site Generator

Hyundai HY9000LEK-2 7kW Petrol Open Frame Site Generator

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The HY9000LEK-2 is a powerful yet easily portable petrol open-frame generator from Hyundai, powered by a highly economical 420cc / 14hp single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that is able to produce 7kW / 8.75kVA.

Built for the most demanding of jobs, the HY9000LEK-2 is an extremely reliable workhorse of a generator, with its single-cylinder 4-stroke OHV air-cooled engine generating a maximum power of 7kW.

Portable Generator
Despite weighing 96kg, the HY9000LEK-2 has a rugged open frame and is extremely easy to move around thanks to its built-in wheel kit and folding handles.
The integrated wheel kit makes moving this machine very easy, allowing you to easily set it up exactly where it's needed on your site or your business or residential premises.

Quiet Site Generator
Using the latest low-noise engine technology, and an improved muffler design, the HY9000LEK-2 produces only 65 dBA @ 7m to minimise any disruptions or disturbances to your family, employees or neighbours.
Equipped with a Hyundai copper-wound AVR alternator to keep the voltage output smooth (within +/- 3% of 230V), the HY9000LEK-2 is suitable for powering sensitive electronic equipment, such as televisions, PCs and laptops, in your home or business. This alternator is also heavy-duty enough to easily handle the harsh demands of power tools and building site equipment. 
This powerful genset is fitted with 1x 230v 32A & 2x 115v 16A sockets to ensure you always have plenty of space to power whatever is needed.

Generator Features
The onboard digital display meter displays hours run, the output voltage and frequency, making it easy to know when a service on the generator is due, ensuring generator longevity.
This petrol generator's sockets are placed on the end facing the control panel to minimise any potential damage when wheeling this portable generator through narrow gaps and doorways.

Electric Start Generator
The easy electric key-start function makes starting this generator easier than ever before. There is also a backup recoil start system to ensure you are never left without power. However, the generator recharges its battery whilst in use to make sure your electric start system is always ready to go.

Low Maintenance and Easy To Use
With low service and maintenance requirements, the HY9000LEK-2 is incredibly easy to use and has a full Hyundai UK parts backup. It also features a low oil alert which will shut down the engine automatically if the oil level drops to minimise any damage to the engine, as well as overload protection which will cut off power if it exceeds the maximum energy capacity.
This generator is ideal for site use, commercial use, trade use or even for home or garage use for powering lighting rigs, power tools, garages, workshops sensitive home equipment, etc. Note that petrol generators must never be used inside due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Petrol-Powered Generator
As this generator is petrol-powered, please note that when storing your generator for a long period, we recommend you either run the engine dry of fuel, drain any leftover fuel or use a fuel additive to prevent the petrol from ‘going off’ whilst sitting in the generator. Modern unleaded petrol, when left for long periods can congeal and clog the carburettor which can cause problems starting your generator in the future.


  • Model - HY9000LEK-2
  • Start Method - Electric Start/Recoil
  • Maximum Output kVA - 8.75
  • Maximum Output (kW/w) - 7/7000
  • Continuous Output (kW/w) - 6.5/6500
  • Run Time @ 50% load (hours) - 11.2
  • Fuel Consumption @ 100% load (L/Hr) - 4
  • Fuel Consumption @ 50% load (L/Hr) - 2.2
  • Voltage Regulation Method - Alternator Voltage Regulation
  • Phase - Single
  • Voltage - 115/230
  • Connection Method(s) - 230v/32A, 115v/16A, 115v/16A
  • Rated Speed (RPM) - 3000
  • Frequency (Hz) - 50
  • Max/Continuous Current (Amps) - 56.5/28.3
  • Engine Model - SC420
  • Engine Type - 4-Stroke Air-Cooled
  • Engine Size (cc) - 420
  • Max Power Output (hp) - 14
  • Fuel - Petrol
  • Fuel Capacity (L) - 25
  • Engine Oil Type - 15w40
  • Engine Oil Capacity (ml) - 1100
  • No. of Cylinders - 1
  • Features - Overload Protection
  • Casing - Open Frame
  • Noise Level db (A) @ 7m - 65
  • Noise Level db (A) - 97
  • Wheel Kit? - Yes
  • Gross Weight (kg) - 93.9
  • Net Weight (kg) - 90.4
  • Fully Assembled Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) - 700 x 655 x 650
  • Package Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) - 730 x 560 x 620
  • Fuel/Power Source - Petrol
  • Product Type - Petrol Generator
  • Model EAN - 600231978071
  • Some assembly may be required

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