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Husqvarna XP Two Stroke Engine Oil 0.1L (one shot)

Husqvarna XP Two Stroke Engine Oil 0.1L (one shot)

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A 0.1L - one shot - fully synthetic, biodegradable oil, developed for use with high loads & engine speeds

Husqvarna Two Stroke XP Oil | 0.1L (One Shot)

This Husqvarna 2-stroke XP engine oil has been developed for tough use with high loads and engine speed. The oil is fully synthetic and biodegradable (64% acc OESD301B) making them oil as environmentally friendly as it can be. It also contains a new ash-free wear additive package which provides excellent lubrication, a cleaner engine, low smoke and less coating on the crankcase and piston.

The 2-stroke Husqvarna Engine Oil is suitable for all models of Husqvarna and excellent with professional use machines or machinery with a cylinder volume of over 55cc.

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