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Husqvarna Manual S35 M12 Trimmer Head

Husqvarna Manual S35 M12 Trimmer Head

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Trimmer head with manual cord feed

The cord is fed manually by the user when pushing the cord feed button and pulling the cord.


  • Exchangeable parts; Included parts can be exchanged separately
  • Durability 4/5; Optimised material combinations for a prolonged lifetime
  • This product is best suited for trimming grass

Technical Specification:

  • Cord feed - Manual
  • For straight shaft trimmers - Yes
  • Fits engine size - 30-42 cc
  • Cord size Min - 2.4 mm
  • Cord size Max - 2.7 mm


  • Brushcutters: 135R, 535RXT, 543RS

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