Husqvarna Manual S35 M12 Trimmer Head

Husqvarna Manual S35 M12 Trimmer Head


Trimmer head with manual cord feed

The cord is fed manually by the user when pushing the cord feed button and pulling the cord.

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  • Exchangeable parts; Included parts can be exchanged separately
  • Durability 4/5; Optimised material combinations for a prolonged lifetime
  • This product is best suited for trimming grass

Technical Specification:

  • Cord feed - Manual
  • For straight shaft trimmers - Yes
  • Fits engine size - 30-42 cc
  • Cord size Min - 2.4 mm
  • Cord size Max - 2.7 mm


  • Brushcutters: 135R, 535RXT, 543RS

SKU: HU-578447601

Barcode: 7391883725818

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