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Husqvarna Technical Extreme Protective Arbor Trousers 20A

Husqvarna Technical Extreme Protective Arbor Trousers 20A

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Designed for the challenges of climbing & working in trees, the Technical Extreme Arbor trouser offers a combination of safety, agility & function.

Husqvarna Technical Extreme Protective Arbor Trousers 20A come with strong and light Dyneema, Cordura and Kevlar reinforcements, made to withstand wear in areas most needed. The design combines the key features of the Technical Extreme range with features adapted to the needs of arborists to fit with climbing gear.


  • High tech materials with Dyneema, Cordura and Kevlar for maximum resistance to wear and tear in the areas most needed. Extra reinforced crotch with stretch.
  • An extra 3 cm has been added to make sure the trouser stays over the boot when climbing for protection and comfort.
  • Side pockets with reversed zips for easy access when wearing a harness and double thigh pockets with loops for storage.
  • The braces are easy to remove and put on offering a fast and easy switch depending on the work performed.

Technical Specification:

  • Saw protection - Yes
  • Approved according to EN - 381
  • Class - Class 1 (20 m/s)
  • Eurotested - Yes

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