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Husqvarna Protective Glasses Sun X

Husqvarna Protective Glasses Sun X

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Grey tinted with UV protection & meeting EN166 & ANSi Z87+ requirements

Along with being rigorously tested to meet safety requirements, the Husqvarna Protective Safety Sunglasses in Sun X come with an adjustable frame and lense along with being non-scratch. Working sunny or bright environments can sometimes be too much on the eyes and so the Sun X protective glasses will suit you perfectly. However, if you just need a regular clear lense or tinted lense for use in dimly lit conditions, we have you covered too.

Obviously safety glasses protect the eyes from harmful objects first and foremost, but Husqvarna has created a range that can protect the eyes from a variety of other elements which can cause issues in the day-to-day working environment, these such pair include grey tinted lense to also protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. The lense on the Husqvarna Sun X model is non-scratch just like the rest of their protective glasses range and you can also change the lens angle and extended the glasses frame for a better fit and feel.

Typical safety glasses protection comes matched to EN 166 and ANSi Z87+ eye safety requirements. We figure that a lot of people reading this might be thinking, "What is ANSi Z87+". This requirement means the safety glasses have had a 500 gram pointed weight dropped on them from a height of around 5ft. They have also had a 1/4" steel ball fired at the lense and velocity in the ball has to be 102 mph from 150'. And so because of passing these tests, the level of protection offered means Husqvarna protective glasses are definite purchase.

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