Husqvarna Lawn Mowers 64 NovoCut

Husqvarna 64 Manual Cylinder Lawn Mower


Highly efficient cylinder lawnmower that provides an excellent finish to your lawn

The Husqvarna 64 Manual Lawn Mower offers a unique Novocut cutting system which allows you to adjust the cutting height up to 55mm in height, enabling you to use it even on tall grass. If you wish to collect long grass clippings for a tidy looking lawn, a grass collector is available to purchase for this cylinder lawnmower.


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The Husqvarna 64 Lawn Mower is a hand-propelled cylinder mower that allows you to adjust the height of your cutting blade. It's suitable for even the tallest of grass and can be adjusted from 12mm up to 55mm. The extra hardened steel, 5-blade cylinder cassette including reel blade and blade knife will stay in sharp working condition for a longer amount of time than untreated cutting blades and will essentially improve the cut of your grass and garden. The width of cut you get with the Husqvarna 64 Lawn Mower comes in at 40cm and is the right balance for large or small lawns and gardens. The lawn mower's large, durable plastic wheels mean manoeuvring around your garden is easy and pushing the Husqvarna 64 in even the tallest of grass can be enjoyable. Being hand-propelled the grass cutter is good for the environment and thanks to ball bearings in the wheels, the machine can be pushed along with no friction leaving the user with less effort than traditional hand-propelled mowers. An optional extra for the Husqvarna 64 lawn mower is a grass-catching collector box which can clip on to the back of the blade housing to help achieve extra tidy cut.

Technical Data:

  • Drive system - Push
  • Cutting deck material - Steel
  • Cutting methods - Reel Blade and Bedknife
  • Cutting width - 16 inch
  • Cutting height (approximate) - 0.5-2.25inch / 12mm-55mm
  • Cutting height adjustment - Quicksets
  • Collector type - Soft bag
  • Handle height adjustment - No
  • Soft grip - Yes
  • Foldable handle - No
  • Ball-bearing wheels - Yes
  • Wheel size, front/rear - 8 inch/0 inch
  • Weight - 19 lbs/7 kg
  • Homeowner Warranty - 2 years
  • Commercial Warranty – N/A


Barcode: 7391883071056

MPN: 964954003

Google ID: 6221