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Husqvarna Intensive Round Cut File 4.0mm 3 Pack

Husqvarna Intensive Round Cut File 4.0mm 3 Pack

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Designed with 20% better cutting performance and longer lifetime.

To keep your chain in top condition, you will need a round file and a file gauge to sharpen the cutters. A correctly sharpened chain will make your work easier and safer. Husqvarna files are made with high-quality steel.

NOTE: This product is a 3-pack, not a 2-pack like seen in the image. Image for display purposes only.

Husqvarna Intensive Round Cut File:

  • 4.0mm
  • 3 Pack


  • 420EL
  • 535i XP
  • T535i XP

Pole Saws:

  • 530iP4
  • 530iPT5

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