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Husqvarna Gardener Hearing Protection & Perspex Visor

Husqvarna Gardener Hearing Protection & Perspex Visor

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Light and comfortable basic ear defenders with protective visor

Husqvarna Headband Hearing Protectors with Visor are a basic set of ear protectors that suit more basic needs such as that of the gardener or hobbyist with the added extra of eye safety thanks to the polycarbonate visor. The lightweight ear defenders have an extra wide headband for comfort and stability. If you want something a bit more professional and suitable for rugged operation then maybe the Husqvarna Professional Headband Hearing Protection with Perspex Visor & Cover would be better.

Having the added protection of a safety visor is always a bonus when it comes to a good set of protective ear defenders and that is what you get with the two in one, Husqvarna Headband Hearing Protection with Visor suitable for domestic gardeners and hobbyists.In terms of the actual ear defenders, they are Husqvarna basic headband hearing protectors and were made for straight forward jobs such as gardening and other general hobbies. The ear protectors were made to provide the user with a lightweight and comfortable fit from an extra-wide headband that allows for a secure and less pressurised fit. Inserts made of polyurethane provide an increased amount of space for the ear, allowing more comfort during long periods of use.

Noise Reduction:

  • NRR - 23 dB(A)
  • SNR - 25 dB(A)

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