Husqvarna Standard Double Strap Harness

Husqvarna Standard Double Strap Harness


With padded shoulder straps made for light brushcutters & trimmers

Just because you are working on a small scale job with a lighter brushcutter or strimmer does not mean that you should settle for less. This is why Husqvarna have created a standard double harness for anyone undertaking lighter more basic brushcutter work because work is work and your back is vital regardless of the toughness and duration of a job. The harness comes with adjustable and padded shoulder straps and a simple and effective chest plate and hip pad.

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When working with one of Husqvarna’s powerful brushcutters or grass trimmers, especially over extended periods when taking on larger workloads, wearing a harness can provide valuable support, protection and freedom of movement. Not only does this distribute the weight of your Husqvarna machine more evenly, thus preventing any unnecessary strain being placed on your back or shoulders, it also helps ensure an optimal working position to boost overall productivity and ensure your comfort throughout the working day.

Husqvarna’s standard double harness is designed for use with lighter brushcutters and trimmers and features adjustable padded shoulder straps, making it easy to adapt the harness to suit your particular requirements. Moreover, with a protective hip pad and an easy to use quick-release catch on the front panel for outstanding convenience, the harness will help make even the toughest cutting jobs feel easier and more manageable.


  • Standard unisex double-harness designed to help ensure ease of use and manoeuvrability when using a brushcutter or grass trimmer over extended periods
  • Featuring adjustable, comfortable shoulder straps, a protective hip pad and a simple and effective quick-release catch on the chest panel
  • Designed for use with lighter Husqvarna brushcutters and trimmers, including the 327Rx and 323R-II

SKU: HU-537216301

Barcode: 7391883079409

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