Husqvarna Battery Balance 35B Harness

Husqvarna Battery Balance 35B Harness


Battery trimmer support harness with great weight distribution & ventilation

The Husqvarna Harnesses Balance 35B Harness has been specially designed for use and best results with Husqvarna battery trimmers and brushcutters. Features of the Balance 35B harness include, ventilated back plate, hip support, padded shoulder straps and a floating pad system for better machine portability.

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Husqvarna Harnesses, Balance 35B Harness is designed for use with Husqvarna battery brushcutter and grass trimmers and comes with an ergonomic design that distributes the load created from the sheer weight of a brushcutter/trimmer, evenly over your back, chest and shoulders.

Padded shoulder straps and a wide back place also work to reduce the amount of unwanted pressure on your upper body. The harness also comes with a travelling connection attached to a hip pad, this means that the machine can easily be moved about with less stress and pressure on the users back.

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SKU: HU-537275705

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