Husqvarna Grass Trimmers 122c

Husqvarna Petrol Grass Trimmers 122C


Lightweight portable grass trimmer suitable for lawn edging and borders

Keeping a lawn well cut is only really half the story when it comes to looking after your grass. This is where the Husqvarna 122C petrol grass strimmer comes in handy, taking care of uneven and untidy borders, edging and tough spots. The 122C trimmer is lightweight with low noise ergonomics, making it more than suitable for domestic use in the garden. 


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Husqvarna 122C Grass Trimmers:

When it comes to looking after your garden, and especially lawn, keeping it well cut is only really half the story. The Husqvarna 122C petrol grass strimmer comes in handy for the other half of the story, taking care of uneven and untidy edging, border and hard to reach spots. The 122C comes with lightweight and low noise ergonomics making it more than suitable for domestic garden use. The 122C grass strimmer is super lightweight, coming in at a tiny 4.4kg enabling the user to take full control of the trimmer, making full use of its surprisingly powerful 21.7cc engine. The engine is not only powerful, it has an extremely low level of noise and has been specifically designed to create a noise that the neighbours will maybe even find enjoyable – who knows. In terms of performance again, the Husqvarna 122C trimmer actually comes with T25 Tap 'n Go trimmer head which is a twin line advance system that can extend the cutting line with a single tap to the lawn or garden floor where you are operating. Smart Start engine and starter technology paired with a handy fuel pump mean that the 122C grass strimmer can start up with minimum stress, quickly. Smart Start is a brilliant little feature that is now utilised in a lot of other Husqvarna machinery and has been designed to reduce resistance in the starter cord by pretty much 40%. As far as the fuel pump goes, starting is aided when it removes air from the carburettor that would otherwise cause problems. Ergonomics, like we state on pretty much all Husqvarna trimmers and machinery that we sell, is a huge game changer when it comes to making great products that can operate almost beyond their means. Features such as the strimmer's comfortable handle design mean that whether you intend to operate the saw for long stretches or just have a tricky section that requires an unorthodox style of cutting, your level of comfort will stay the same. Auto return stop switch also proves a handy little feature and save a lot of messing around restarting your trimmer when you have stopped for a stretch of time or simply for a break. This is because the stop switch will automatically switch back into the ON position after turning the machine off.
Technical Specification: Cylinder displacement - 21.7 cm³Power output - 0.6 kWMaximum power speed - 7800 rpmFuel tank volume - 0.36 lFuel consumption - 630 g/kWhFuel consumption - 0.36 kg/hIdling speed - 2900 rpmSpark plug - NGK CMR6AElectrode gap - 0.5 mmClutch engagement speed (±120) - 4200 rpmMaximum rpm output shaft - 10000 rpmOEM Trimmer head - T25 (R)Sound pressure level at operators ear - 88 dB(A)Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) - 104 dB(A)Weight (excl. cutting equipment) - 4.4 kg

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