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Husqvarna Functional 28 Rubber Chainsaw Safety Boots

Husqvarna Functional 28 Rubber Chainsaw Safety Boots

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Reinforced steel toe-cap protective boots suitable for forest professionals.

Husqvarna Functional 28 chainsaw safety boots are designed to keep forestry professionals as safe as they are comfortable and alert. They can withstand chainsaw speeds up to 28m/s and come with reinforced upper, thick soles, steel toe-caps and deep lacing to make the boots easy to pull on and off. If you are working at slower speeds you may want to consider the Functional 24 boots.

When it comes to safety boots you want the best and with Husqvarna Functional 28 chainsaw safety boots you get that. Suitable for foresters and arborists used to working in some of the toughest and testing environments, the Functional 28 boots are designed to withstand everything heavy-duty chainsaw work can throw at them. The safety boots are industry approved to EN345 standard and can protect the user from chainsaw speeds of up to 28m/s – hence where they got the name Functional 28. The chainsaw boots also come with thick soles and a reinforced upper made from high-quality material. The boots naturally come with steel toe caps for maximum protection and durability.

Protection is important but it is not the only element that comes to mind, it's the design of a safety boot, as comfort and convenience play a major role in a day's chainsaw work. Not just to keep you happy and comfortable while going about your business, but to keep you alert stable and alert to the dangers around. Much like Husqvarna chainsaw design, ergonomics play a vital role in the creation of Husqvarna Functional 28 boots too. Deep lacing at the back and ridges of the leg and a heel cap make pulling the boots on and off a breeze. As an additional property (sold separately) the Functional 28 chainsaw boots can be fitted with studs to cope with more complex and slippery surfaces. With sizes ranging from 4 to 12 (UK), there's not much chance you will struggle for a size that fits.

Technical Specification:

  • Saw protection - Included
  • Steel Toe Cap - Included
  • Lacing - Included
  • Colour - Orange and Grey
  • Cotton lining – Included
  • Approved - EN 345 SB E
  • Class - Class 3 (28 m/s)

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