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Husqvarna Functional Gloves - Class 0 Saw Protection

Husqvarna Functional Gloves - Class 0 Saw Protection

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Comfortable protective gloves designed for chainsaw work.

Palm made of durable, naturally water-resistant goat leather. Designed with nylon neoprene knuckles and foam-laminated spandex fabric on the back for maximum comfort. Index finger with touch screen-friendly knuckle allows the use of your smartphone with gloves on. The knitted cuff adds comfort and makes the glove easy to put on. A patch on the thumb provides better grip and higher durability. Fulfill EN ISO 11393-4:2019 class 0 (16 m/s) and EN 388:2016. Size 7-12. If you are looking for more saw protection then we can stock Husqvarna Technical Saw Protection Gloves.

Size Guide - Hand Width in CM: 7cm | 8cm | 9cm | 10cm | 12cm

Your hands are by far and away from the most important part of your body when it comes to operating a chainsaw, so why would you settle for anything less than professional quality gloves when it comes to protecting them from injury. The Husqvarna Functional Chainsaw Gloves with Saw Protection comes with a class 0 grade of protection which can withstand saw speeds of up to 16m/s according to EN ISO 11393:4-2019. The gloves are also Cat II certified according to EN 388 mechanical hazardsThe glove is made of a spandex fabric back and goat leather palm that pairs well with the high visibility of the gloves to make a pair of ultra-comfortable, durable and safe gloves. The Husqvarna gloves are also cut-resistant in the left hand and come with nylon neoprene knuckles. The knitted wrist adds comfort in comparison to more rigid and tough wrists seen on the high-grade products. Notably, goat leather is actually full of natural fat, making the gloves even more durable and suitable for the most demanding of forestry tasks. If these gloves don't provide you with the amount of saw protection that you require, we also stock the Husqvarna Technical Chainsaw Gloves with 20m/s protection rather than 16m/s.
  • Chain saw protection Class 0, 16m/s according to EN ISO 11393:4-2019.
  • The index finger has a touchscreen-friendly knuckle so you can use your smartphone with your gloves on.
  • Inner hand in goat skin with light padding and comfortable seams. Double thumb stitching that follows the hand shape.
  • Approved according to EN 388 Mechanical hazards CAT II.

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