Husqvarna 300 Series 103cm Combi Cutting Deck

Husqvarna 300 Series 103cm Combi Cutting Deck


103 cm Combi cutting deck, offering BioClip and rear ejection cutting mode

Cutting deck designed specifically for rider collection models. As the deck is stamped from a single piece of metal, with no seams and sharp bends to trap cuttings, the result is market leading mulching & super-efficient ejection. Fits 300 series models only.

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  • The Combi cutting deck offers the versatility of two different cutting systems. Choose between BioClip for lawn fertilisation and rear ejection for efficient mowing on areas with higher and rougher grass.
  • The floating cutting deck follows the contours of the ground, which reduces the risk of scalping the lawn.
  • Service position on the cutting deck facilitates cleaning and service.
  • The three-blade cutting deck offers first-class trimming on both the left and right side and gives the same uncut circle diameter regardless of direction.

Fits to model:

  • R 316TX
  • R 320X AWD
  • R 316TsX AWD

SKU: ZT-RIDER967152401

Barcode: 7393080366153

MPN: 967152401

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