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Husqvarna Braces with Metal Clips

Husqvarna Braces with Metal Clips

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Strong metal clips, extra width & adjustable for forest professionals & gardeners

The Husqvarna 5cm extra wide workwear braces in orange with navy logo, comes readily adjustable, with metal clips for extra strength and comfort. The braces are beneficial to anyone wanting that extra bit of trouser support when working in tough and unorthodox locations. Sam Turners also stock leather strap version of these braces.

Braces have long since been a staple part of the professional logger, arborist and woodsman's uniform, allowing for improved stability, comfort and manoeuvrability. The Husqvarna metal clip braces are handy to clip on and go, no messing around. The braces come in extra wide 5cm width and as you can see from the picture come in orange with navy logo. The braces are also readily adjustable to fit the needs of any size of worker and would prove a brilliant additional for anyone, be it forester or gardener, homeowner or professional.

Husqvarna braces also come with leather straps for attaching to suspender buttons on some Husqvarna protective trousers.

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