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Husqvarna Splitting Axe S1600

Husqvarna Splitting Axe S1600

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Powerful medium-sized log splitting axe with reversible hammer functionality

When it comes to log splitting, firewood production can be a pretty drawn out and not so enviable task, but the Husqvarna 1600S wood splitting axe makes things a little easier. The axe provides best results when splitting medium-sized logs but can be used on other sized logs thanks to a balanced axe head position and lightweight shaft, generating a large amount of power. The head is also specially coated to avoid friction when entering the wood and comes with a stainless steel protected shaft.

The Husqvarna 1600S Axe is designed for best results in wood splitting and specifically profiled for firewood production. The 1600S has a carbon steel axe head optimised in profile to improve weight distribution and concentrate all the axe power into the splitting of logs. On the reverse of the Axe head, a hammer function has been added for extra versatility when using (not suitable for steel wedges) splitting wedges. The Husqvarna Axe has a weight of 1600g and is generally where it gets the 1600S name from. It also comes up at 60cm in length and has an extremely lightweight shaft, meaning that - along with the optimised axe head - the axe can produce a good amount of power.

All the design on the Husqvarna 1600S wood splitting axe is not just for power, it is also for comfort, durability and ergonomics. A non-stick coating on the axe head means that the axe head can split medium-sized logs without any friction. The shaft also has stainless steel grip protected allowing for longer working life. The PA shaft is also fibre-reinforced, meaning the axe is solid and durable.

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