Husqvarna Chainsaws Guide Bars 20" 3/8" Laminated

Husqvarna 15" X-Force Pro Laminated Bar 3/8" 1.5mm Large


Husqvarna 3/8” bars offer high durability, easy maintenance and increased productivity

They have a bar nose profile designed for reduced wear, plus a corrosion resistant coating. The bearing system has support shields for increased productivity and easier maintenance. No grease hole prevents dirt from getting into the bearings while eliminating the need to replenish grease.

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Equipment:Type of bar: Laminated barBar mount type: LargeStyle & Sizes:Bar length: 15"Gauge: 1.5 mmPitch: 3/8"

SKU: HU-585950856

Barcode: 7393089051258

Google ID: 53309