Husqvarna Chainsaws Guide Bars with Large Mount in 42" with 0.404" Pitch

Husqvarna 14" X-Force Pro Laminated Bar 3/8" 1.1mm


New 14" X-Force laminated bar for easy maintenance & increased productivity

This Husqvarna Guide Bar is a 14" bar with a pitch of 3.8" inches & a gauge of 1.1mm.

For optimal performance (guidline only)

  • 436Li, 536LiXP, T536 LiXP

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This style of Husqvarna X-Force Pro laminated guide bar has been specially designed for increased levels of productivity and easy maintenance. Depending on the model of X-Force Bar, benefits include features like updated profiles, larger nose sprocket, cutouts in the centre plate and the removal of the grease hole. This Husqvarna Guide Bar is suitable for Husqvarna Chainsaws:

For optimal performance (guidline only)

  • 436Li, 536LiXP
  • T536 LiXP

SKU: HU-582207452

Barcode: 7391736210324

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