Hozelock Select Plus Controller
Hozelock Select Plus Controller
Hozelock Select Plus Controller

Hozelock Select Plus Controller


The ultimate in automatic watering control, the new Select Plus Controller offers the ability to choose any time, any day and any duration, up to 3 times a day.

Each session chosen will allow you to water for just 1 minute, up to 199 minutes. The large LCD display shows all programme information and allows easy setup and adjustment using the rotary switch. Other features include rain delay, which allows you to suspend watering based on the weather forecast, and instant watering, which allows you to water immediately and bypass the programmes to water your garden without waiting. Like all Hozelock programmers, the Select Plus is compatible with water butts as it operates at P=0 bar. The Select Plus also incorporates a safety device that prevents the valve from opening if the battery level is low.

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  • Simple and easy to use
  • LCD display programmer with a single rotary push button
  • Up to 3 programs can be set per day for up to 199 minutes (3 hours 20 minutes) each
  • Rain delay function to pause watering for up to 7 days

Technical Specification:

  • Display - LCD
  • Controller Type - Programmable
  • Controller Battery - 2 x AA
  • Water Now - Manual On/Off
  • Controller Connection Size - 1" BSP, 1/2" BSP, 3/4" BSP
  • Guarantee Period - 2 Years

SKU: HZ-2224 0000

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