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Hozelock Easyclear 9000 Clearwater & Fountain Pump

Hozelock Easyclear 9000 Clearwater & Fountain Pump

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All-in-one filter and pump combo can create fountains of up to 1.9 metres.

The Hozelock Easyclear 9000 clearwater and fountain pump has a filter that creates a healthy eco-system for fish and pond-life while also keeping your pond water crystal clear thanks to its UVC technology.

EasyClear 9000 is Hozelock's top-of-the-range for all-in-one pump and filter combo combines a Kaldnes biomedia chamber with a 13w UVC (Ultra-Violet Clarifier) to create crystal clear water and a healthy eco-system for fish and other pond life. The 9000's pump can offer the user a choice of fountain, waterfall or a combination of the two, to create dazzling water features. The EasyClear 9000 is easy to maintain and install, running off just one power cable. Performance Data: Suitable for ponds up to 9000 ltrs Max Fountain Height - 1.9m (6' 2") Max Waterfall Strength - 2850lph Bell Jet Diameter - 0.7m (2' 3") Waterfall Width - 0.25m (0' 10") Max Fish size - 2.16m (7' 8")

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