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Hozelock Cascade 700 Waterfall & Fountain Pump

Hozelock Cascade 700 Waterfall & Fountain Pump

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Perfect for decorative ponds and small water features

The Hozelock Cascade 700 is an upgrade on the more basic 450 model and is best suited for small water features, decorative ponds and large-scale combined fountain and waterfall displays. The pump has a dual flow control allowing for waterfall and fountain controls to be adjusted independently.
The Hozelock Cascade 700 is perfect for decorative ponds and can function well with small water features, large combined fountain and waterfall displays and decorative ponds. The pump has a dual flow control allowing the user to independently adjust the pumps waterfall and fountain flows. The pump comes with three options for fountain spray heads, which include 2 tier jet, 3 tier jet and bell.The Cascade 700 also has a telescopic fountain stem with ball joint and its variable flow controls allow for flexible installation in even the most uneven ponds. An added bonus to the Cascade 700 is its anti-clog, foam free strainer which allows for far longer stretches of time in-between essential maintenance.Performance Data:Pond Size: 0-2200 Litres (0-550 Gallons)Max Flow Rate: 700lphFlow Rate @ 1m: 120lphMax Head: 1.2mMax Fountain Height: 0.75mNumber Of Fountain Heads: 3Shaft: SteelCable Length: 10Guarantee: 3 YearsMotor Rating: 13


MPN: HZ3352R

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