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Hozelock Cascade 450 Waterfall & Fountain Pump

Hozelock Cascade 450 Waterfall & Fountain Pump

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Perfect for small scale ponds and water features

The Hozelock Cascade 450 is the most basic of all the Hozelock pumps and runs off mains voltage. It also benefits from an anti-clog, foam free strainer to reduce maintenance levels.

The Hozelock Cascade range is designed for small-scale ponds and water features and also functions well as part of a combined fountain and waterfall display in a larger pond. The pump runs off mains voltage (see Cascade 700 or 1500 for low voltage models) and comes with a high head, which comes in handy for small fountains and water features. The Cascade 450 comes with an anti-clog, foam-free strainer which means that any future maintenance is kept down to a minimum. The pump also comes with a base plate to allow for some extra stability when needed.

Performance Data:

  • Pond Size: 0-2200 Litres (0-500 Gallons)
  • Max Flow Rate: 450lph
  • Max Head: 1m
  • Max Fountain Height: 0.63m
  • Number of Fountain Heads: 2
  • Shaft: Steel
  • Cable Length: 10m
  • Guarantee: 3 Years
  • Motor Rating: 10

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