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Hozelock Cascade 1500 Waterfall & Fountain Pump

Hozelock Cascade 1500 Waterfall & Fountain Pump

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Pond pump with flow rate of 1500lph, perfect for water features.

The Hozelock Cascade 1500 is a step up from the lower grade 450 and 700 models and can run as a fountain and waterfall at the same time, with a flow rate of 1500lph. The pump also comes with an added hose adapter outlet. Perfect for use with water features and other pond displays.

The Cascade 1500 is one of the higher-grade products in Hozelock's Cascade pump range. It can function as both a waterfall and fountain as well as both functions at once. Its special impeller and motor design means outstanding performance and low running costs. As it is a high-end Cascade product, the pump comes with flow controls to adjust the size of your waterfall and fountain independently. To help with maintenance, the Cascade 1500 comes with an anti-clog, foam-free inlet cage to allow you less time cleaning and more time enjoying your fountain and waterfall. Along with this, the pump comes with a telescopic fountain pipe with three heads - 2 tier, 3 tier and bell jet. The Cascade 1500 also has a quick connect hose coupling and a ball joint in order to adjust the angle of the pump's stem, meaning more control over your fountain.

Performance Data:
  • Pond Size: 0-2200 Litres (0-500 Gallons)
  • Max Flow Rate: 1500lph
  • Flow Rate @ 1m: 900lph
  • Max Head: 1.8m
  • Max Fountain Height: 1.2m
  • Number Of Fountain Heads: 3
  • Shaft: Steel Cable
  • Length: 10m
  • Guarantee: 3 years Motor Rating: 33


MPN: HZ3354R

ID: 1298

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