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Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 6000 UVC - Pressurised Pond Filter

Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 6000 UVC - Pressurised Pond Filter

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Waterfall function can produce water flow of up to 4000 lph.

Hozelock's Bioforce Revolution 6000 UVC utilises new CypriCube foams to enable easy cleaning of the mechanism and ensure clear water. The pond pump can push water up to a waterfall from beneath the ground, providing outlets are left above ground.

The Bioforce Revolution 6000 UVC is an advanced pressurised filter utilising biological filtration from Kaldnes K3 biomedia which help maintain healthy water and a balanced eco-system for all fish, plants and pond-life. A UVC (Ultra-Violet Clarifier) is also used to eliminate all algae in the water meaning crystal clear water rather than the typical green sludgy water left by standard filters. Hozelock's CypriCube foams with a +50% surface area make sure of clear water and aid the easy cleaning mechanism. CypriCube foam also optimises the water flow between cleaning with no clogging or flow loss. From the CypriCube foams, the new hand driven cleaning blades can separate solids and keep hands nice and clean. Once this is done you can simply turn the divertor switch to flush waste out of the filter. The Bioforce Revolution can be installed underground and the outlet used to pump water high up to create a waterfall. Performance Data: Max Litres: 12000 Litres (2640 Gallons) Max Fish Size: 335cm (11' 0") Max Flow: 4000lph (880gph) UVC: 18w Hose Diameter: 20 - 40mm

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