Hozelock Aquaforce 6000 - Pond Pump and Filter

Hozelock Aquaforce 6000 Pond Pump & Filter


Mid-range model of the successful all-in-one pump and filtration system.

Hozelock's Aquaforce 6000, along with providing a higher level of waterfall flow rate and fountain head heights, has a filter which can handle a larger size of solid than the lower end Aquaforce 4000 and 2500 products.

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The Aquaforce 6000 is a step up from the lower end of the spectrum models, 2500 and 4000, and can filter solids up to 10mm rather than 6mm. It can also produce significantly higher waterfall flow rates and fountain head heights. The Aquaforce 6000 can operate on land or under water and offers a bit more versatility than your typical all-in-one pump and filter system. The 6000, along with the 8000, comes with a variable flow adjuster, incase you don't need the high-level of performance the pump is capable of. As a filter, the Aquaforce 6000 comes with a large surface area cage allowing the maximum amount of waste to be collected and pumped to the filter system. A further inlet filter provides for a skimmer to be used in drawing water from the surface of the pond. In order to protect pond wildlife, the filter includes a removable Wildlife Protection System that can help prevent wildlife such as small fish, newts and tadpoles getting into the cage. Performance Data: Max Flow: 6000lph (1320gph) Max Head: 3.5m Flow @ 1m: 5550lph (1220gph) Solids Handling Range: 2 - 10mm Waterfall Width @ 0.6m: 0.49m Waterfall Width @ 1m: 0.42m Hose Diameter: 25 - 40mm Wattage: 65w

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