Hozelock Aquaforce 2500 - Pond Pump and Filter

Hozelock Aquaforce 2500 Pond Pump & Filter


Efficient fountain & waterfall pump with low power consumption

Aquaforce 2500 is one of the more basic and less complicated of Hozelock's successful all-in-one pump and filtration systems. It has an extremely efficient filter and waterfall pump that still manages produce excellent results from a low level of power consumption.

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With the Aquaforce range, Hozelock have the perfect filter and pump combo to suit ponds and water features of a larger scale and still run on a low level of power consumption. The Aquaforce 2500 is a basic version of the Aquaforce range, suiting anyone looking for a basic but substantial pump, catering for their mid to large scale ponds. The Aquaforce casing incorporates an exclusive wildlife protection system; protecting small fish, newts and frogs from accessing the pump. The Wildlife Protection System reduces the risk of damage to common pond wildlife. For extra protection of species such as newts we recommend using an additional cage, available as a spare part. Along with functioning as a pump, the Aquaforce 2500 has the added bonus of being able to manage solids through it's filtration system. Performance Data: Max Flow: 2500lph (550gph) Max Head: 2.1m Flow @ 1m: 1850lph (410gph) Solids Handling Range: 2-6mm Waterfall Width @ 0.6m: 0.19m Waterfall Width @ 1m: 0.16m Hose Diameter: 25 - 40mm Wattage: 30w

SKU: LP-HZ1581

Barcode: 5010646052115

MPN: HZ1581

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