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Hotline Paddock Ring Insulator 90-Pack

Hotline Paddock Ring Insulator 90-Pack

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Securely and easily install your paddock essentials with Hotline's Paddock Ring Insulator.

This 90-pack screw-in insulator fits any wooden post and is compatible with polywire, galvanized wire, and rope up to 7mm. Plus, it works seamlessly with the insulator speed chuck. Simplify and streamline your fencing system with this reliable insulator.


  • For wire and rope up to 7mm
  • Compatible with insulator drill chuck
  • Screw into all wooden posts

The insulator's primary role is to securely hold the fence line without power leaking from post to ground. A well-designed insulator will hold the line securely so that it will not wear the tape, rope or wire when buffeted around by the elements or will allow the line to freely pass through without the impedance of sharp edges.

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