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Hotline Turbocharge Electro Tape 40mm

Hotline Turbocharge Electro Tape 40mm

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This Hotline Turbocharge Electro Tape features 5 stainless steel and 5 copper conductors, making it highly efficient for longer-distance fence systems.

With superior conductivity, this tape is ideally suited for keeping livestock safe and secure. Upgrade your fencing system today with Hotline Turbocharge Electro Tape 40mm.


  • High-quality stainless steel and copper conductors ensure excellent current flow
  • High-quality tape - ideally suited for long distances
  • The green colour blends in well with the surroundings
  • Premium grade material ensures a long lifespan

Technical Specification:

  • Reel - 200 m
  • Tape width - 40 mm
  • Number of stainless steel conductors - 5
  • Diameter stainless steel conductors - 0.2 mm
  • Number of copper conductors - 5
  • Diameter copper conductor - 0.22 mm
  • Resistance - 0.07 Ohm/m
  • Breaking strength - 125 kg


MPN: 47TC46-2G

ID: BW-TC46G/2

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