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Honda DPW3690XAE Battery 9Ah 36V

Honda DPW3690XAE Battery 9Ah 36V

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Built to deliver full power, the single Li-ion battery will work with all of Honda's new cordless range of mowers (HRG416XB & HRG466XB), brushcutter (HHT36AXB), hedgetrimmer (HHH36AXB) & leaf blower (HHB36AXB).

Fast-charging, it will achieve an 80% charge in 49 minutes and a full 100% charge in 77 minutes. Use the LCD display to see the remaining charge as a percentage. With robust construction, the heavy duty battery is strong enough to withstand a 2m drop, with an aluminium sub-frame to protect it. This battery is also waterproof for year round use, whatever the weather. Thermo Smart technology allows for higher performance and longevity of the battery. Suitable for professional use, for those who need to work all day, every day.


  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Charging time to 80%: 49 minutes
  • Charging time to 100%: 77 minutes
  • Maximum current flow: 45 A
  • Rated: IP56



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