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Hillbrush Finest Medium 610mm Platform Broom Head

Hillbrush Finest Medium 610mm Platform Broom Head

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610mm medium platform broom, wood back, filled Gumati fibre

Gumati is the best material there is for sweeping dust and light rubble, it is extremely durable, and does not crush or distort, and outperforms all other lighter natural materials, and plastics. It is really good for use on concrete and tarmac, in garages, warehouses and yards, best used in dryer conditions.

Suitable Broom Handles and Broom Holders can be found via the links below:


Suitable Brooms:


  • Length: 617 mm
  • Width: 78 mm
  • Height: 111 mm
  • Weight: 1.2400 kg
  • Material: Wood
  • Filament Material: Gumati
  • Filament Retention: Standard
  • Stiffness: Medium
  • Trim Length: 90 mm
  • Country Of Origin: GB

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