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HELLBERG SECURE 3 Helmet Mount Ear Defenders 31snr

HELLBERG SECURE 3 Helmet Mount Ear Defenders 31snr

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For use in high noise level environments & best choice in low frequency dominated noiseThe Secure helmet-mounted earmuff is the ideal choice for any work that requires head and hearing protection. Its durable construction withstands rough environments and the slim design reduces the risk of snagging in branches or confined areas. Available in three protection levels, clearly indicated with bright safety colours for easy identifica­tion and selection. “Snap-in” ear cushions with minimal sweat retention and soft foam filling increase the high comfort and are easily replaced.


  • Soft cushions maintains a high level of comfort protection
  • Colour coding for easy selection and identification
  • Smooth size adjustment
  • Fully compatible with Hellberg’s SAFE™ Visor System

European Directives:

Lower Action Level 80 dB (A) *-135 dB (C) **In areas where the noise level matches or exceeds this Lower Action level, all employees must have access to protection.Upper Action Level 85 dB (A) - 137 dB (C)In areas where the noise level matches or exceed this Upper Action Level, all employees must use appropriate protection.Max Exposure Level 87 dB (A) - 140 dB (C)No worker should - under no circumstance - be exposed to noise levels exceeding this max level. All personnel working in these noise levels must use protection to lower the noise to levels safe within the Lower Action Level.

*dB (A) = Equivalent noise level (8 hour average)**dB (C) = Peak noise level (peak duration less than 1sec)

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