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Heissner Easyfix Pond Tape

Heissner Easyfix Pond Tape

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The Heissner Easyfix Pond Tape is the ultimate repair tape for all your outdoor needs.

Its extremely strong and waterproof properties make it suitable for a variety of materials including plastic, foil, metal, rubber, and glass. Plus, its easy self-adhesive application allows for quick and hassle-free repairs, even underwater. Perfect for fixing small damages on garden hoses, roofs, ponds, swimming pools, and drainage pipes. Don't let any damage slow you down, with Heissner Easyfix Pond Tape, you can easily and efficiently fix any outdoor repair.


  • Fix leaks quickly and easily 
  • It can be used above and below water
  • Can be shortened to the desired size
  • Sticks to almost all surfaces
  • 150m x 10cm


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