Gypsona Pop Bandage 2.75m

Gypsona Pop Bandage 2.75m


Gypsona plaster of Paris bandage is made from a specially woven leno cloth, uniformly impregnated with the finest quality, fast setting plaster of Paris that produces an even cast with an excellent finish.

The bandage is spooled on a round core for superior bandage and stability whilst handling. Moisture resistant packaging improves the protection of the bandages prior to use. Interlocked Leno weave gauze. Provides excellent stability and conformability to the wet bandage. Minimises plaster loss. Provides stronger finished cast. Smooth, creamy plaster formula.


5cm x 2.75m Long
7.5cm x 2.75m Long
10cm x 2.75m Long


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  • Allows for a smooth aesthetically pleasing cast
  • Improved moulding properties and excellent finish
  • Nicked bandage edge design
  • Ensures minimal fraying and loose threads during application. Gives a
    smoother cast finish
  • Round core
  • Improved handling stability
  • Moisture resistant packaging
  • Protects and prolongs product life


Barcode: 4042809505238

MPN: 19330430