Garotta Compost Maker Ready To Use

Garotta Compost Maker Ready To Use 3.5kg


Garotta will help you produce a rich, dark, crumbly compost suitable for enriching garden soils

Garotta is made from materials selected to help improve the structure of home-produced garden compost, maintain a neutral pH and speed up the process of decomposition. It provides food to promote bacterial growth which in turn encourages the temperature in the compost heap to rise, kill off weed seeds and hasten the conversion of garden and kitchen waste into a rich compost ideal for enriching garden soil. Garotta is harmless to children, pets and wildlife and its fast acting nature can help you produce your very own natural garden compost.

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  • Speeds up the natural composting process
  • Provides food to promote bacterial growth to encourage the temperature to rise, kill off weed seeds and hasten the production of rich, dark crumbly compost
  • Size: 3.5kg

SKU: GC-07011803

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