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Gardena Regulation Valve 13231-20

Gardena Regulation Valve 13231-20

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Maximize your watering control with the GARDENA Regulation valve.

Easily adjust the flow rate and range of your spray nozzles for targeted and efficient watering. Expertly designed for precision and convenience.


  • Thanks to an easy installation, you can effortlessly place the valve in the pipe.
  • You can easily adjust the range of the nozzles to match the watering needs of your plants and lawns alike.
  • By extending the valve with extension pipes, even your raised beds can be watered. 


  • Part No: 13231-20
  • EAN: 4078500058544
  • 5x Regulation valve 4.6 mm (3/16")
  • Made in Europe

SKU: GAR-13231-20

MPN: 970558501

ID: GAR-13231-20

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