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Gardena Micro Strip Sprinkler 13319-20

Gardena Micro Strip Sprinkler 13319-20

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GARDENA Micro Strip Sprinkler is the perfect solution for precise plant watering.

Its fine spray mist design ensures efficient watering for narrow zones such as flower beds. With the ability to spray in two directions, this tool is a must-have for maintaining a lush and vibrant front garden.


  • The Micro-Drip-System component reaches a range of 2.75 m in each direction as well as a spray width of up to 0.6 m. 
  • With the help of the Assembly Tool or by using the T-Joint for Spray Nozzles, you can install the nozzle on the 13 mm Connecting Pipe in just a few steps. 
  • The Extension Pipe for Spray Nozzles (Art. No. 13326-20) increases the position of the nozzle. This way your plants will continue to be watered from above, even if they grow taller. 
  • The Shut-Off Valve (Art. No. 13207-20) is the right accessory if you want to regulate the watering or completely shut off individual strands of the Connecting Pipe. 
  • It ensures optimum, water-saving irrigation.
  •  The GARDENA Spray Nozzles are distinguishable from each other thanks to the intuitive design, as the spray pattern can be seen directly on the spray head.
  • Micro-Drip-System. Easy, accurate, water and time-saving irrigation.


  • Part No: 13319-20
  • EAN:4078500059190
  • 5x Micro Strip Sprinkler
  • Connecting pipe Flex 13 mm (1/2") (Art. No. 1347/1346) or T-Joint for Spray Nozzles (Art. No. 13206/13216) can be assembled with Installation Tool (Art. No. 13313), spray area can be regulated with Regulating Valve (Art. No. 13231)
  • Made in Europe

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