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Gardena Connector 4.6 mm (3/16")

Gardena Connector 4.6 mm (3/16")

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Effortlessly connect and extend your 4.6 mm supply pipes with the GARDENA Connector.

Designed for use in the Micro-Drip-System, this connector offers a seamless and efficient solution for your irrigation system needs. Made with high-quality materials, it ensures a reliable and long-lasting connection every time.


  • Optionally, the practical Connector also serves as a transition from a connected 13 mm Connecting Pipe to the 4.6 mm Supply Pipe. 
  • Installation is convenient and simple thanks to the clever connection technology. 
  • Use the sustainable components of the Micro-Drip-System several times without any problem by simply joining them together, flexibly extending and easily detaching them thanks to the Easy & Flexible connection technology. 
  • For even water pressure and a reliably water-proof Micro-Drip-System garden irrigation, use the separately available Master Unit 1000 (Art. No. 13333-20) or Master Unit 2000 (Art. No. 13310-20). 
  • Micro-Drip-System. Easy, accurate, water and time-saving irrigation.


  • Part No: 13213-20
  • EAN: 4078500059022
  • 10x Connector 4.6 mm (3/16")
  • Use Extension of the Supply Pipe
  • Water flow 2 l/h

SKU: GAR-13213-20

MPN: 970627701

ID: GAR-13213-20

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